Kawa Bil surrounded, at least 20 arrested

December 30, 2016

Tatmadaw forces surrounded the now destroyed village of Kawa Bil of Maungdaw North after midnight of Wednesday cutting off all escape routes for the beleaguered community.

Only few Rohingyas managed to escape as the Tatmadaw approached the village in first light.

The Tatmadaw asked all Rohingyas to submit their names to be checked with the family list.

At least 20 people are reported to have been arrested.

Information is difficult to obtain as the area remains in complete lockdown.

Kawa Bil was one of the villages to be repeatedly attacked by the Tatmadaw since the first days of the recent crackdown. In mid October, the entire village was evacuated, and many civilians were randomly killed by the armed forces who moved in to the area in great numbers.

Much of the village was razed and destroyed in October.

It is feared the army might launch fresh attacks in some Maungdaw North villages bringing an abrupt end to the current let-down in violence in place since mid December.