This time, it is Lawaka terror in Ra Bai La


January 1, 2017

The Lawaka has announced all Rohingyas with names on the family list in Ra Bai La, Maungdaw North should immediately report to their local centre. Anyone who did not follow the directives would be considered an illegal immigrant, the announcement said. Those families who went to the centre will have their portrait taken.

The announcement was made over loudspeaker on Sunday.

Locals fear that if they do go the Lawaka centre, they will be harassed, even arrested and tortured. However, if they did not go, and later security forces apprehended them and found they did not have their portrait taken by Lawaka, they will definitely be tortured, even killed.

Much of the populace in Ra Bai La have fled to Bangladesh. In mid November, Ra Bai La, along with the nearby villages of Sa Li Frang, Bor Gazi Bil and Sau Ra Gazi Bil were hit with helicopters, rocket launchers and heavy machine guns, killing at least 150 people. In the aftermath of the operation, security forces unleashed further violence killing dozens and raping many women.