Terror spreads following Shab Bazar raid

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January 4, 2017

Security forces raided Shab Bazar in Buthidaung and arrested Rohingyas on terrorism related charges.

At around 2am on Wednesday, the forces that consisted of both Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein personal numbering around 150 surrounded the village tract. Approximately two hours later, they moved in towards the Rohingya settlement. At the same time, they announced over loudspeaker that one member from each household must report to the neighbourhood school.

They entered a house and arrested two brothers and their sister at around 4am. They have been identified as Nouman, Armaan and Kawsara.

At around 6am, some of the locals started reporting to the school as ordered by the military. Many of them were severely assaulted by the Tatmadaw on allegations they were aiding terrorists. At one point, a man whose father was being beaten protested and requested the soldiers to stop. This made the security personal furious and they arrested the son and further assaulted both him and his father. The arrested man has been identified as Mahmudullah. He was taken away in a critical condition.

A source said at least four others, including a community leader were also taken away by the military. As the news of the arrests and assaults spread throughout the village, the locals refrained from going to the school and instead went to hiding.

Later, the security forces alleged that the arrested men and the woman had undergone terrorist training and was hiding weapons seized earlier from the Hlun Htein in October. They also threatened that unless the terrorists were handed over, there would be dire consequences for villagers.

Our correspondent in the area and other sources say there is no basis in the claim.

Following the arrests, terror is prevailing in the area.

A source has said the arrested Rohingyas have been severely tortured in custody.

In recent times, many arrested had their eyes gouged out, wrists cut off, beards pulled out, while others were beaten with rods. The medieval torture techniques practised by security forces have led to many deaths. army 2