Tensions rise as another Buthidaung village raided

 Junuary 7,2017

Tatmadaw and Hlun Htien forces raided Daw In Sarah inButhidaung and confined around 40 members from eight families in a school.
Many where arrested after they had reported to the school on orders of the military. 

The forces made the raid on Thursday, a day after a similar raid in nearby Shab Bazar. Later on Saturday evening, forces once again surrounded the village leading to fears there will be another crackdown in the coming hours.

Some of those confined in Daw In Sarah were released in the evening. They said the security personal brutally assaulted then during interrogation.

Among those who are still under arrest is a former village administrator by the name Shuna Miah. Local sources say the army was very interested in the name Shuna Miah and many with the same name were arrested.

During the earlier raid in Shab Bazar, the security forces claimed Rohingyas in the area had undergone military training and were hiding arms seized from Hlun Htein in October.