Torture and rape in Gaw Du Tha Ya

January 9, 2017

The Tatmadaw have continued to raid the village tract of Gaw Du Tha Ya in Maungdaw South, arresting civilians and raping women.

Tensions broke out after seven leading community members were arrested after being called to a meeting last week.

On Saturday, they assaulted villagers and raped at least 14 women. Many of the homes were looted. Many households were also forced to pay extortion money as their houses were alleged to be constructed without proper government authorisation.

At present, most of the families from the southern and western hamlets of the village tract are spending their days in the wilderness to escape the crackdown.

Gaw Du Tha Ya, along with the nearby village of Kila Dong is a traditional hotspot for violence but have escaped the brutal crackdown unleashed by the Tatmadaw in Maungdaw North. The calm is being shattered over the weekend.

The seven arrested men have been brutally tortured in custody, allege local sources.

The Tatmadaw and the Hlun Htein has maintained a heavy presence in the area.