Kidnapped Sa Li Frang women are now sex slaves in Oo Daung military base

January 10, 2017

Many of the women kidnapped from Sa Li Frang in Maungdaw North are currently being kept in a military base near Oo Daung, Maungdaw South, according to local sources.

Our sources from Oo Daung who were called to a newly constructed military base in the area say they have spoken to this women. The six victims were found sitting together inside the base. They said they are being raped everyday.

The women also said that before them there were six other Muslim women in this base. Out of them five had died, presumably following continuous gang rape. The corpse of the women were burned. The evidence of the rites still exist around the camp. It is not known what happened to the survivor woman in that batch.

Sa Li Frang, along with the adjoining villages of Ra Bai La, Bor Gazi Bil and Sau Ra Gazi Bil were attacked on November 12 and 13 with helicopters, rocket launchers and heavy machine guns. Afterwards the forces moved into the villages killing many more, while many others were abducted.

During the crackdown that started on October 9, many women have been kidnapped by Tatmadaw personal all over Maungdaw North, with their fate and whereabouts unknown.