Prisoner tortured to death following escape attempt


January 11, 2017

A Rohingya prisoner was tortured to death after making an escape attempt from Tatmadaw forces in Buthidaung.

Nasir Ahmed was arrested on Saturday from Goinna para in So Parang village tract of Buthidaung. Following his arrest, he was mercilessly tortured throughout the night. He was also informed that he would spend the rest of his life in the infamous Buthidaung prison.

As he was being transferred on Sunday, he made an escape attempt near the bridge leading to Buthidaung town. The security was however much too tight and soldiers managed to recapture him. He was then severely assaulted and taken to custody.

In custody he was tortured again. As his condition deteriorated, he was taken to the Buthidaung hospital. He succumbed to his injuries at around evening, according to local sources.

Buthidaung prison has been described as the worst torture centre in the entire country by former prisoners. A source familiar with the inner conditions of the place told our newsdesk that despite the merciless torture unleashed on Nasir, he is relatively lucky because many inmates of Buthidaung prisoner are gradually killed over a longer period. As soon as they are admitted to the prison, their fingers are broken by blunt objects, then the tormentors make their way to the other body parts. They are beaten like snakes, according to former prisoners.

In recent times, many arrested also had their eyes gouged out or their wrists cut off.

Hundreds of Rohingya prisoners have been tortured to death, especially since 2012.