Hlun Htein assaults boy after failed rape attempt

January 11, 2017


A shepherd boy is in a critical condition following assault by Hlun Htein forces in Aantala Battala, Maungdaw North.

On Wednesday, Mohib Ullah along with a girl from the village was grazing cattle in the fields outside the village when some Hlun Htein personal came to the area. They called out to the girl but noticing their suspicious behaviour, she ran away. Mohib took some time to react by which time the forces had captured him.

They proceeded to severely beat him and left him in an unconscious state. He was later rescued by locals but continues to be in a critical state, made worse by the complete lack of medical care.

Local sources say the original intention of the security personal was to rape the girl but when they failed to apprehend her, they took their anger out on the boy.

Rights activists have often alleged the security forces use rape as a weapon of war against ethnic communities. hills