Tatmadaw raid Tat Min Chaung with heavy weapons

January 12, 2017

A huge Tatmadaw team equipped with heavy weapons entered the village of Tat Min Chaung in Buthidaung on Thursday.

The soldiers took up positions throughout the village and made the local school their headquarters.

No assaults have been reported yet, but the aggressive positions of the Tatmadaw personal have created terror in the area.

One of the commanders have said that rebels had hidden weapons in the village. Unless the weapons were handed over, the villagers will be tortured, said the official.

There are reports that another army team have taken up positions in nearby Kepru Dong.

The northern areas of Buthidaung township have witnessed increased military activities over the past few days, leading to hysteria among the local populace. Many have been arrested on false allegations and mercilessly tortured in custody.