More torture and sex attacks in Ra Bai La

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January 13, 2017

Tatmadaw entered the now destroyed village tract of Ra Bai La in Maungdaw North and herded the women to the local school on Thursday.

Here the women were asked to pose for pictures. During this time, they were sexually molested as soldiers touched their private parts and passed lewd comments. When any of them expressed discomfort, they were taken up and locked in a classroom.

It is not known what happened inside the rooms but a source said they were gang raped.

Earlier on Monday, three men, including a father and a son were arrested and brutally tortured in cistody before being released. Two of those tortured were elderly men, over 70 years old. They were released later but are still in a critical condition.

Ra Bai La, along with the nearby villages of Sa Li Frang, Boro Gazi Bil and Sau Ra Gazi Bill were attacked with helicopter gunships and rocket launchers on November 12 and November 13 last year, killing approximately 150 in those two days. In the aftermath of the attacks, ground forces moved in and many men were captured and tortured, while women were raped in masses. Many more died in these operations.

The rape orgy has continued two months after the cleansing operations.

Much of the villagers in the area have escaped to Bangladesh.

heli 3