"Tatmadaw will burn Shab Bazar", warn tabbeys

Buthi terror

January 14, 2016

Two government collaborators (tabbeys) have warned well off families in Shab Bazar, Buthidaung that unless they came up with a huge sum of money, the Tatmadaw will burn their houses and the entire village, as it was allegedly an illegal settlement built without any government authorisation.

The two tabbbeys, Ali Ahammed and Jamal have long been involved in the oppression of Rohingya villagers with the full backing of security forces.

The 13 households targeted are Nur Hasan, Afiur Rahman, Md Shukkur, Dudu Miah, Jamal, Md Saber, Md Jokir, Issa Haque, Noor Mohammed, Md Rashid, Md Redwan, Md Ayes and Abdul Hamid. They have been asked to pay extortion ranging from 3 to 6 million kyats. The victims are at a loss on how to get such a huge amount of money.

Shab Bazar has been tense since the first week of the new year as Tatmadaw launched multiple raids in the village tract on allegations weapons seized from security forces were stowed in the area, arresting many civilians. Later, a government website representing Aung San Suu Kyi’s office announced the arrest of terrorists and uploaded pictures of recovered weapons, although no such thing was found in Shab Bazar.

Those arrested have been brutally tortured in custody.

At least four women in their late teens were raped during the army operations.

Buthi terror