Four women raped, children assaulted in Basara night raid


January 15, 2017

Police raped at least four women and assaulted three children during a raid in Basara, Maungdaw South.

On Thursday night police accompanied by government collaborators entered the village tract on allegations Muslim rebels had been planning activities in the settlement.

Local sources say the allegations were cooked up by the notorious collaborator and human trafficker Kala Borda who has been working with security forces for more than 15 years.

As the locals got whiff of the tabbey’s intentions and knowing the raid was imminent, they escaped the village well before the police came. Many had earlier spent previous nights in the hills owing to the wild allegations made by Kala Borda.

Police however entered Rohingya homes and took turns raping at least four women. The actual number of victims might be higher.

Failing to find the men in their homes, in some cases the police took their anger out on the children. Three children, all aged under ten years were beaten up.

A tense situation is prevailing in the area.