Trader goes bankrupt following police extortion


January 15, 2017

A fish trader has been forced to part will his life savings after being brutally tortured by the police in Yon Chaung, Buthidaung.

Noor Mohammed, 45, from Firing Dong, Rathedaung supplied fish from his home village to Yon Chaung. On Friday, police arrested and brutally tortured him. He was also threatened with death. To escape with his life, Noor agreed to pay the police everything he had. Altogether he paid around 2.1 million kyats.

He was released on Saturday.

Arrested Rohingyas generally pay in the six figure sum, which in itself is a big burden for most. However in recent times, the security forces and government collaborators have raised the sum of money, threatening many with bankruptcy.

Many sources allege there is a feeling in the Arakan that the final days of the Rohingyas are near. Before going for the final solution, the security forces want to earn as much money as possible, according to multiple sources.

At the same time, Hlun Htein and police took over the land of a man named Rahim Ullah in Yon Chaung. On Thursday, they simply moved into his land, set up boundaries and said it belonged to them.