Elderly man dies in Taung Bazar: asthma attack or torture?


January 16, 2017

An elderly man has allegedly been tortured to death in Taung Bazar in Buthidaung.

Md Bahad Ullah, along with his two sons, and two other Rohingyas were arrested by the army on Friday. Sources had earlier alleged that soon after his arrest, the arrested men faced brutal torture in custody.

On Sunday morning, army personal handed over his lifeless body to family members. One family member claimed Bahad Ullah had died from asthma. However local sources say they are being forced to say that following threats by security forces.

Torture in custody has led to the deaths of hundreds of Muslim men since 2012. Many recently arrested have also faced brutal torture in custody.

Sources from Buthidaung prison has claimed every night, the prison guards are unloading two to three corpses.