More mass graves unearthed in Kya Ri Prang

January 17, 2017

Locals discovered mass graves in the now destroyed village tract of Kya Ri Prang in Maungdaw North.

The skulls and bones belonging to at least 12 different people in four separate graves on Monday. The remains were burned but our sources are unable to confirm if they were burned alive, or the fire touched them after their deaths. The entire village was burned and razed soon after the crackdown commenced.

It is estimated scores of people died in the Tatmadaw crackdown in Kya Ri Prang in mid October. In many cases, entire families including children and in one case a new born was executed by soldiers. Many women were also kidnapped and taken to unknown locations. Their fate remains a mystery but it is assumed they are serving as sex slaves for the army.

An earlier mass grave containing eight corpses in Kya Ri Prang was discovered in the first week of December.

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