Daylight robbery by Hlun Htein in Nga Sa Gru


January 18, 2017

A villager was brutally assaulted and robbed by Hlun Htein in Nga Sa Gru, Maungdaw North.

Nurul Amin was going out of the village at around 12.30 pm on Monday when the border officials stopped him and started asking questions about his bike. At one point they proceeded to brutally beat him up and keep his bike.

The bruises have left Amin injured in the eyes and the waist.

Robbery of Rohingyas by security forces continue to be a common occurrence.

Incidentally Nsa Sa Gru has been tense since the early days of the operation since a huge Tatmadaw force armed with heavy weapons attacked the village. In the past few weeks, there is calm in the area, but there is tension concerning many persons who have gone missing, presumed to be arrested and tortured in custody.