Tatmadaw enter So Parang, arrest village headman


January 21, 2017

Tatmadaw forces launched a crackdown in So Parang, Buthidaung from Thursday.

The exact details are not clear as communications have been cut off, but it is known the army alleges Muslim rebels are hiding in the village.

The Aishwarayamu and some male members of his family were arrested on Friday as the Tatmadaw alleges he has not given information concerning the rebels.

The Aishwayaramu, as the village headman is known, is a pro government appointee who spies on local villagers and maintains contacts between the government and the roots. Unlike the general populace, they normally have a more privileged position with the government.

Earlier on Thursday, the army assaulted one man on flimsy allegations. When the victim Md Harun was asked to provide his residence papers, he duly did so, but the soldiers alleged there was no government seal on the paper. When Harun pointed out the seal, they got furious and started to beat him up. His papers were also taken away. Later neighbours arranged his papers back in exchange for 50,000 kyats.