Another raid in Shab Bazar

Buthi terror

January 21, 2017

Tatmadaw forces entered Shaheb Bazar in Buthidaung once again on Friday, spreading terror in the tensed village tract.

The forces have not made any arrests till publishing of the report. They however took away chickens, goats and cows belonging to the Rohingyas. They also entered a mosque atop a hill and turned the place upside down. They then raided the next door house belonging to Zakaria and dug up the place.

In none of the cases did they find any weapons.

Shab Bazar has been tense since the first week of the new year as Tatmadaw launched multiple raids in the village tract on allegations weapons seized from security forces were stowed in the area, and arrested many civilians. Later, a government website representing Aung San Suu Kyi’s office announced the arrest of terrorists and uploaded pictures of recovered weapons, though no such thing was found in the area. One of the men was arrested only because he protested the assault on his elderly father.