Tatmadaw raid north Buthidaung villages, many injured in beatings

army agai

January 23, 2017

Tatmadaw forces entered three different village tracts in North Buthidaung and severely assaulted villagers on Sunday.

In the early morning hours, the forces entered the Ta Mi and began to assault anyone they could get their hands on. At least seven villagers received serious injuries, according to local sources.

Security forces have long been on an extortion spree in the area, with many having to pay hefty fines, mostly for marriages that had not been properly registered. Under the laws of Arakan state, Rohingya Muslims must seek permission from authorities for matrimony.

Villagers have also been extorted for illegally erecting their houses.

Later on January 19, authorities claimed there was vandalism in the local pagoda and made a list of 21 civilian from Ta Mi who had allegedly taken part in this act. Our sources say it is highly unlikely there has been any kind of vandalism, and those accused were definitely not involved in any acts of violence.

At the same time, the Tatmadaw raided Tat Min Chaung where they proceeded to severely beat up villagers. At least one man has been reported to be seriously injured in the raid.

Tat Min Chaung has been tense since the new year as the Tatmadaw continue to raid the village and also practise heavy firing in the nearby mountains.

There has been a similar raid in the nearby village of Kyauk Hpyu Taung.