Four apprehended from Kawa Bil


January 23, 2017

Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein forces besieged the now destroyed village tract of Kawa Bil in Maungdaw North at around 2am on Saturday.

Later they entered the Dakhin para neighbourhood at first light and went house to house to check family lists to ensure ‘Bangladesh based terrorists’ were not hiding in the area.

During the raid, four people were arrested and taken away. Three have been identified as Md Zafar, Shamsul Alam and Noor Alam. The fourth person has not been identified.

Sources say some of the arrested men might have been staying out of their homes as their abodes had earlier been burned.

It is also feared those arrested have been brutally tortured in custody. Sources say many prisoners detained in Kawa Bil had had their eyes gouged out.

Many arrested face brutal torture in custody as hundreds are feared dead in custody since 2012.

Kawa Bil villagers were evicted in October as Tatmadaw forces unleashed a draconian crackdown in the area killing scores. Security forces allege many of the locals were involved in attacking a Hlun Htein base in the area on October 9.