Mujai wood collector critically injured in mob attack


January 25, 2017

A villager was brutally assaulted by a Rakhine mob near Mujai, Rathedaung.

Noor Alam suffered serious injuries and was left in an unconscious state following the assault. He was attacked at around 4pm on Tuesday when he left his village to collect wood in the nearby forests.

Most Rohingyas in the area depend on collecting wood in the forests or catching fish in the river. But since 2012, organised Rakhine mobs have systematically preyed on Rohingya Muslims leaving their village to collect wood or catch fish in what is seen as a systematic attempt to deprive the Rohingyas of their mainstay occupations. Activists say without access to the forests or the rivers, the Rohingyas either have to leave the area or starve.

The mobs operate with full backing of security forces.