Arrests made in Nga Khura and Nga Sa Gru as Tatmadaw renew crackdown

na sa gru

January 25, 2017

Security forces raided two of the restive village tracts in Maungdaw North leading to fears that there will be a renewed crackdown on the remaining populace.

On Tuesday morning, Tatmadaw and Hlun Htein raided Nga Sa Gru and Nga Khura, two of the village tracts that were on the receiving end of the crackdown unleashed on October 9.

In Nga Khura, soldiers arrested a man called Shaker (s/o Jokir Ahmed) and took him to custody.

In Nga Sa Gru, at least three men were arrested as they were fishing in the nearby river.

Till publishing of the report, our correspondents have not been able to trace their whereabouts. Many of those arrested in recent times have disappeared, leading to fears they have been tortured to death. There is a long history of torture against Muslim prisoners, with hundreds dying from torture, while many more being maimed for life.

The photo of Shaker was however later uploaded on a government website on Wednesday where he was accused of being a terrorist. Many innocent people arrested in recent times have faced similar allegations from the State Counsellor's office, as UN envoy Yanghee Lee alleges denials and false information seriously undermine the credibility of State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi's government.

The military and police has also targeted Rohingyas leaving the villages in search of fish and wood, in a deliberate attempt to prevent them from a livelihood. There is little food in the affected village tracts, with many Rohingyas, including children starving before aid was allowed in.

Much of the populace has left the village tracts for neighbouring Bangladesh.