Six arrested from Maungdaw checkpoint

January 28, 2017

Six people were arrested from a checkpoint in Maungdaw town on Friday.

The arrests were made after the bus carrying them was waved down at the Thanashuk checkpoint in the city centre.

The arrested men were all passengers on the bus. Their identities could not be known immediately. They have been taken to an unknown location by Hlun Htein forces.

An earlier announcement made by the Hlun Htein said Rohingyas were now allowed to enter Maungdaw town. Movement was severely restricted as the crackdown commenced on October last year. However even in more normal times, Rohingya Muslims need permission from village authorities to move from one place to another.

The whereabouts of the six arrested men are unknown. In past months, many of those apprehended have disappeared without trace, leading to fears they have either been arrested or severely tortured.

Hundreds have died from torture since 2012.

 MaungdawPolicePatrolWith303RiflesIn the meantime, the Rohingyas from Maungdaw town have made an effort to learn the whereabouts of the men but have not been successful.