Murder of 12 year refugee: victim's family on the run


January 29, 2017

Though more than two months have passed, there is no headway in the murder investigation of a 12 year refugee boy from Nayapara refugee camp. Instead the alleged killers are threatening the family of the victim with more killings if they continue to pursue the murder case.

Nabi Hossain was hanged to death by seven local men from Neela on November 22, 2016 at around 11am. The alleged murderers had gotten into a clash with the victim’s family after they were fined for stealing and eating their goat. A case was filed with the Teknaf police station in this regard.

However instead of the killers going into hiding, it is the family of Nabi that has been affected. The alleged killers are well connected with local politicians and local media outlet Ukhiya News that has been publishing news alleging the victim’s family are utilising the death of their minor child to settle previous scores.

The accused are Hashem (s/o Nur Mohammad), Mohammed (s/o Sayed Ali), Kamal Hossain (s/o Abdu Samad), Iman Hossain (s/o Mokbul Hossain), Abdul Khalek (s/o Abul Hossain), Fazal Karim (s/o Hala Miah) and Abdullah (s/o Mohammed).