Boatman tortured in Cairafara

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January 30, 2017

A boatman was arrested and severely tortured in Cairafara, Maungdaw South.

Md Yunus was summoned by the Hlun Htein Reymu in the local camp on Wednesday and told he was ferrying weapons for rebels in his boat. After which he was severely tortured.

At one point, the Hlun Htein personal told Yunus that he would be released if he could pay two million kyats. Yunus asked his relatives to raise the money by mortgaging his house. He was later released.

Another man was also fined by the same officer on that day on allegations he was not on the family registrar. Md Shafiq was forced to pay half a million kyats to stay out of trouble.

All Rohingyas in Arakan state are subject to strict registration laws which has often been used by security forces as a means for extortion.