Tatmadaw raid Sa Li Frang


January 30, 2017

Hundreds of soldiers entered the now destroyed village tract of Sa Li Frang on the early morning hours of Saturday. They detained around 40 young men and took them to the local school.

There was no escape route for the Rohingyas as the huge military force surrounded the village tract from all sides.

The detained Rohingyas were asked to divulge information concerning rebel activity in the locality. They however said they had no information of that sort. During this time, those detained were severely assaulted.

However, the Tatmadaw later said there was no rebels in Sa Li Frang at the moment. The detained men were released in the afternoon.

Sa Li Frang, along with the nearby villages of Bor Gazi Bil, Sau Ra Gazi Bil and Ra Bai La were completely destroyed in mid November last year, after Rohingyas chased out soldiers who were raping their women. The operation resulted in the deaths of approximately 200 men, women and children. Many were also picked up and taken to unknown locations where their fate remains unknown.

Much of the affected populace has escaped to Bangladesh and the neighbourhood is a shadow of its former self.

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