Decaying corpses and sex slaves near Sommoinna?


January 30, 2017

There are allegations that more than a dozen Rohingya women are being held as sex slaves in a military base near Sommoinna in Maungdaw South.

Our correspondent say there is a military base near the Cinghali khal in an area locals refer to as Maug guna. Here a vegetable and dry fish trader was summoned after he was crossing one of the army checkpoints on Saturday. When he was taken to the base, he claimed to have seen around 15 Rohingya women in a cage wearing only their undergarments.

On the same day, a woman outside the village say she came upon the decaying scent of corpses in the forests near the checkpoint. As she came down from the hills, the woman was noticed by a soldier from the checkpoint who slapped her and told her to go away.

The incidents could not be verified by our correspondent.

Earlier sources had said the military was holding sex slaves in their base near Oo Daung.

Many women were taken away during last year’s clearance operations. Since then their families have not heard about them leading to fears they had either been killed or kept captive as sex slaves.

Scores of women are reported missing in such circumstances.

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