Suspected Buddhist nationalists murder man in Pauktaw

January 31, 2017

A Rohingya man was killed allegedly by Buddhist nationalists in Pauktaw township.

Abdur Rahman, 23, from Anak Parang was going to the hills on Tuesday when he was attacked at around 9am.

Rahman was travelling with other Rohingyas who howver managed to flee the scene when they were attacked. Locals allege Buddhist nationalists who have a strong presence in the area are responsible for his death.

The victim was repeatedly stabbed with sharp weapons and beaten with blunt objects.

Pauktaw has a formidable Rakhine majority and the isolated Rohingya communities survive in perpetual fear of a mob attack organised by Buddhist nationalists. Much of the Muslim populace remain confined in IDP camps and are barred from leaving their neighbourhoods in fear of nationalists and security forces. Many who leave their neighbourhood, like this victim have been killed. Even then many take the risk as there are no livelihood options in the Rohingya settlements.

The blockade has been described by Rohingya activists as a systematic effort to enforce starvation and force the minority population to migrate.