Locals flee as Tatmadaw target remote villages in northern Buthidaung


February 2, 2017

Tatmadaw forces raided the remote village tract of Badana in Buthidaung on Saturday, assaulted women and looted valuables from Rohingya homes.

Local sources informed that due to continued military activity in the remote regions, the Rohingyas stay on alert especially during the night time and the males flee to the mountains at the first sign of trouble. However in recent times, the military have taken to assaulting women when they find the males of the household absent.

Cows, sheep and poultry belonging to the Rohingyas are taken away by the soldiers. Gold and cash were also taken during the night raid.

The remote regions of northern Buthidaung don’t have mobile connection and it is difficult for the Rohingyas to get information out. The locals in the Badana area allege that the security forces have been taking advantage of their isolation to perpetuate gross human rights violation against the Muslim community.

Similarly, local sources have informed the army have increased their activities around the remote village tract of Ba Da Kar in Buthidaung. The situation seems worse and there are reports that both the men and women have fled the village since January 25. The latest situation remains unclear. There are allegations some of the locals have kept in touch with Muslims abroad to promote attacks against security forces.

Earlier on the same day, a shopkeeper from the area who had a big store in the nearby Thanchi bazar was assaulted by soldiers who also proceeded to loot his shop. The victim has been identified as 42 year Enaytul Rahman.

The Rohingyas in Badana and Ba Da Kar have requested that the outside world pay more attention to their isolated village tracts.