Solidiers charge on worshippers as they come out of mosque


February 5, 2017

Tatmadaw forces fell upon Rohingyas as they were coming out of a mosque in Dunsay, Rathedaung following early morning prayers on Friday. During the sudden attack, the soldiers indiscriminately charged at the Muslims with batons and sticks.

The Rohingyas ran away in different directions. However, four did not manage to escape.

Later, the four detained men managed to negotiate a release with the soldiers by giving them chickens.

Dunsay has been tense since the early days of the crackdown in October with many killed and missing from continuous military offensives. A month ago, a video leaked from the area showed Hlun Htein personal assaulting Rohingyas, causing a stir in the international media. The video leak angered security forces who threatened renewed attacks on the populace, though the video seems to be showing Hlun Htein personal recording their own atrocities.

Picture of an earlier incident showing mosque desecration by the military