Minor boy tortured for fishing

Mohammed Hasson

February 6, 2017

A minor boy from Kawa Bil in Maungdaw North was tortured by Tatmadaw personal on Sunday.

13 year Md Hasson from the Paschim para of the now destroyed village tract had gone to fish in a nearby river when he was intercepted by soldiers at around 8.30 am. He was taken to the army camp where he was brutally tortured throughout the day.

The boy says he was released in the late afternoon time and he managed to crawl some distance in his battered state following which he collapsed. Locals later found him lying on the ground and carried him back to the settlement.

Even though the crackdown has ended, security forces are preventing Rohingyas access to the forests and waterways from where they must derive a living. As a result of the blockade, there are extreme food shortages in many villages. The victim’s family says Hasson only went to the river because there was no food at home.

Incidentally Kawa Bil villagers were driven away and the entire hamlet looted and razed by security forces in mid October last year. Scores were killed while many remain missing, presumed to be under brutal torture in custody. Many women have been raped.

Much of the Kawa Bil populace have escaped to Bangladesh.