Reduced curfew hours make no difference in Maungdaw

February 13, 2017

Maungdaw- Though the police have declared curfew hours in Maungdaw are reduced, local Rohingyas say this has made no difference In their lives and they are still unable to stay outside after dark.
On October last year as the army cracked down on local Muslims, a curfew was declared from 7pm to 6am. Last week, police in Maungdaw town declared that normalcy has been restored in the region and henceforth the curfew would be from 9pm to 5am.
However, local sources say the ground reality has always been different. It has never been safe for Rohingyas to stay outside even in daylight hours, but it is almost impossible for them to carry out normal activities as the sun begins to go down on the western horizon. In winter this can be as early as 5pm. All Rohingyas make it a point to be near their houses well before darkness approaches. The announcement last week has not made any changes. Few Rohingyas in their right mind will dare to stay out as late as 9pm.
Under such circumstances, they allege the announcement is another eyewash to deceive the international community.MaungdawPolicePatrolWith303Rifles