Six arrested for refusing NVC scheme in Hassu Rata

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February 20, 2017

Maungdaw- Hlun Htein made a number of arrests from Hassu Rata, Maungdaw South as many did not turn up for a meeting regarding the controversial National Verification Card (NVC) scheme.

One of those arrested was the wife of a village elder who did not turn up in the meeting.

Our correspondent says the Hlun Htein asked community elders to report to their office on Sunday afternoon to discuss ways to get local Rohingyas to register for the NVC. However six of them failed to show up in the meeting as they were unwilling to influence the local populace to agree to NVC registration.

In response, Hlun Htein forces raided the houses of the community elders and arrested five of them. The other man was not present at the house so the forces arrested his wife instead. The woman identified as Khaleda was later released when her husband Sayed Ullah reported to the station.

The five other arrested are Lalu, Nabi Uddin, Fayazu, Rashid and Sayed Ullah (not to be confused with the above name).

The controversial NVC scheme has been rejected by Rohingyas as it does not allow them permanent citizenship and refers to them as immigrants from Bangladesh. However the Hlun Htein has been applying pressure especially in the Maungdaw region and has said heavy restrictions in place since the violence last year will not be eased unless Muslims register in the NVC scheme.