Elderly man dies after being chased by Hlun Htein in Hassu Rata


February 24, 2017

Maungdaw – An elderly man died from heart attack after being chased by Hlun Htein forces in Hassu Rata, Maungdaw South.

The victim has been identified as Abdu Sukkur, 55, from the Deil para neighbourhood of the village tract.

On Wednesday, security forces entered the village tract and asked the man if he had NVC. As Abdu Sukkur did not have it, and the Hlun Htein personal were aggressive in their behaviour, he tried to run away.

Hlun Htein chased him and at one point, the elderly man collapsed on the spot. Locals later discovered he was dead.

Incidentally, the NVC scheme has been hugely unpopular among the Rohingyas as it requires them to register as immigrants from Bangladesh.

There have been heavy police movement around other villages in the Maungdaw South region, giving rise to speculations that more people will be arrested, assaulted and be forced to accept the NVC. Already many people especially in Hassu Rata have been arrested and beaten up for not accepting the NVC.