Suu Kyi office lied about border post attack

Buthi terror

February 24, 2017

Despite government allegations, Rohingyas in Buthidaung say there have been no attacks on security forces in the border area.

On February 18, a statement by the State Counselor’s Office claimed around 30 men in black uniform attacked Hlun Htein forces on Mile post 56 and 57 the earlier day, injuring two. Since then no further statements were made on the matter.

Our correspondents and local sources in the Buthidaung region say they have no information on the attacks. Similarly Rohingya refugees on the Bangladesh border say there have been no attacks on forces.

Newspapers in Myanmar and Bangladesh have also not followed the attack. Meanwhile BBC Bangla says there is suspicion the government has made up the incident.

Myanmar faces unprecedented international pressure, especially from Muslim countries in ASEAN after more than a thousand Rohingyas, including women and children were killed. Activists say the government might be planning to allege attacks on their forces to justify atrocities against Rohingyas.

Incidentally, the government especially the State Counselor’s office have often made claims about Muslim terrorists without any basis. UN special envoy Yanghee Lee has already warned State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi risks losing credibility by continuing to deny gross human rights violations.