Night guard duty to resume in Maungdaw North

February 28, 2017


Police have told local Rohingyas in Lamba Guna that they must resume night guard duty. The order was given by an officer who commands forces in Nga Khura. During the pre noon meeting, the officer said that if the villagers posted night guards in their neighbourhoods and informed on the activities of any outsiders, it would be good for both the Muslims and the security forces. However, if they failed to do so, it would only be bad for the Muslims, threatened the officer.

The order has caused discontent among locals as those on night guard duty face regular harassment including beatings and extortion from Hlun Htein personal.

Police forces also entered Ludaing earlier presumably to give the same orders but did not find anyone as locals had ran away fearing further brutalities. Ludaing was one of the villages that was at the forefront of the assault led by the Tatmadaw last year and much of the populace had run away to Bangladesh. The remaining population resides around the village in constant fear and runs away at the first sign of security forces.