NVC raids continue in Hassu Rata

March 1, 2017


Hlun Htein and La Wa Ka officials entered Hassu Rata in Maungdaw South on Monday and once again harassed Rohingyas for their refusal to accept the controversial National Verification Card (NVC).

The officials entered the village tract at around 11.20 am and gathered a few Rohingyas asking them to register in the scheme. When they refused, the Hlun Htein men slapped some of the Rohingyas and cursed the others in foul language.

As news spread about the registration, many Rohingyas fled the area fearing they will be forced to accept the NVC if they were apprehended. Hlun Htein officials knocked on some of the homes but could not find the occupants.

Earlier, many people in the village tract were arrested and beaten up till they agreed to accept the NVC.

Rohingyas reject the NVC on the grounds it identifies them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and the temporary nature of the identity card.

Hassu Rata has been chosen as one of the pioneer spots in the region from where the Rohingyas are being forced to accept the NVC.