Fishermen assaulted again by monk led gang in Punga Cweng

March 3, 2017

Punga Cewng Murder 

Akyab- Rohingya fishermen were brutally assaulted by a gang of miscreants led by Buddhist monks near their village in Sidurkul, Punga Cweng, Akyab.

On Wednesday, shortly before noon, the fishermen were fishing on a lake near a Buddhist village when the gang came to the spot and told them the waterways did not belong to the Bengali Muslims. Afterwards they proceeded to brutally assault the Muslims.

Later, the victims reached their village and complained to their community elders who took the matter to the village authorities of the Rakhine village. The village administration however declined to help them.

The victims were unwilling to disclose their names in fear of retribution.

Sidurkul is the only Muslim settlement in the midst of hostile Rakhine territory in Punga Cweng. Our correspondent says there has been a blockade on the settlement imposed by neighbouring villagers backed by security forces since the riots of 2012. The Rohingyas have no other alternatives to livelihood expect fishing in the waterways near the Buddhist settlements. This however evokes the wrath and revenge of neighbouiring villages where Buddhist nationalism has a strong following.

As a result of the insecurity, villagers have immense problems reaching the waterways and continue to suffer from chronic food shortages. Malnutrition, especially among children have reached alarming levels, reports our local correspondent.