Blockade intensified around destroyed villages

March 3, 2017

heli 3 

Government collaborators backed by Hlun Htein forces are intensifying a blockade on the destroyed village tract of Bor Gazi Bil.

Our correspondent in the area says government collaborators hailing from Mun Gala, Rohingya Daung, Ferang Fru and Kula Bil have made sure the villagers from Bor Gazi Bil cannot access the nearby waterways to catch fish. As fishing is the only viable livelihood for destitute Rohingyas, there is no other option except to survive on aid from international organisations.

Out of the approximately 750 houses in the village tract of Bor Gazi Bil, there are currently around 50 standing. The village of Bor Gazi Bil, along with nearby Sa Li Frang, Sau Ra Gazi Bil and Ra Bai La were pounded with helicopter gunships and heavy artillery killing hundreds in mid November last year. Tatmadaw soldiers also entered the area on foot, and randomly executed anyone they could lay their hands to, including throwing children into the fire. Many have also been arrested and taken to unknown locations, and presumably tortured.

Much of the population has fled to Bangladesh.

The blockade is also affecting the other destroyed village tracts.