No option but to accept NVC, say Hlun Htein officials

March 5, 2017

Maungdaw- Hlun Htein officials have met with Rohingya representatives from almost every village on Saturday and warned there will be dire consequences if the populace refuse to register under the controversial NVC scheme. At the same time, they have presented many advantages of accepting the NVC.

On Saturday, officials held a meeting with Rohingya representatives, three from every village. Here they said unless if the Muslims refused to accept the NVC, they will be forced. This might result in increased hardships for the community, they warned.

On the other hand, any Muslim in possession of the NVC will be safe, and will have access to amnesties such as the bank and education for children. They will also be able to travel freely.

Hlun Htein also held a similar meeting at Dunsay with representatives from Rathedaung villages.

Earlier, many Rohingya children have been turned away from school, and banks have said no services will be offered unless they are able to show the NVC. Travellers have been harassed by Hlun Htein for not being able to show the NVC.

There have also been mass arrests from villages in Maungdaw South with some detainees being tortured in custody till they agreed to accept the NVC.

Rohingyas refuse to accept the NVC on grounds it refers to them as Bengalis and only offers temporary residence in Arakan.  

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