Police break man's knees in Bura Shida Para

March 6, 2017

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Maungdaw - Police broke the knees of a young man in Bura Shida Para, Maungdaw North.

On Thursday at around 2.15 pm, seven policemen came to the house of Furkan Ullah (22), s/o Aman Ullah. They called Furkan by name and when he came out, they proceeded to club him without giving any apparent reason.

At one point, both Furkan’s knee caps were broken in the assault. He also sustained severe injuries on the rest of his body.

Furkan is unable to walk and there are fears he might be maimed for life.

Locals allege the police attacked Furkan because he has always been vocal in demanding the rights of his community.

Bura Shida Para was one of the village tracts that borne continuous assaults during the Tatmadaw’s brutal campaign last year. At one point, corpses piled up near the village and the waterway.