NVC trouble in Ang Dhang, Kunir Hali and Lound Don

March 8, 2017


Maungdaw - Hlun Htein held a meeting with locals in Ang Dhang, Maungdaw South on Monday.

During the meeting, they threatened locals with dire consequences if they did not take steps to secure the NVC card.

Meanwhile in Kunir Hali, Maungdaw North, village administration backed by Hlun Htein have embarked on an extortion spree, with many Rohingyas reportedly losing a large part of their savings to pay corrupt village officials. Authorities claim that those without the NVC are foreigners and have no right to hold money in this country.

In Lound Don, Maungdaw North, bikers are forced to get down from their vehicles in the checkpoint guarding the way to the village. They are asked irreveleanvt questions and harassed in many ways. Some have also said they were slapped by the Hlun Htein personal without any reason. Incidentally Lound Don was one of the village tracts severely affected by the Tatmadaw led operation last fall with many killed, and scores of women raped and sexually molested. Much of the populace have fled to Bangladesh in the aftermath of the operations.

Rohingyas refuse to accept the NVC on grounds that it recognises them as Bengali and only allows them temporary residence.