Teenage girl allegedly killed in Akyab General Hospital

March 11, 2017

Akyab- A teenage girl has died just after being injected in Akyab (Sittwe) General Hospital, giving rise to allegations she had been murdered by hospital staff.

15 year Amina from Moloy para was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday after suffering from severe illness. At one point, Amina complained to her parents that the doctors were not looking after her and she requested transfer to an NGO run clinic in Chaki Para. The staff heard her say this and immediately called a doctor, who injected her but did not talk about the nature of the treatment.

Soon, Amina’s body began to blow up and she died before she could be transferred.

Local sources are alleging the 15 year was intentionally murdered.

The incident adds to a growing list of allegations that staff in government run hospitals have been intentionally killing Muslim patients especially in the Akyab region.

Rohingya Muslim patients are generally not welcome to the hospitals of Arakan state and many choose not to go to hospitals even in serious cases. Those who can afford it go to Bangladesh for treatment. 

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