Couple brutally assaulted over NVC in Hassu Rata

March 12, 2017

Anti Rohingya.transformed 

Maungdaw – A husband and wife were brutally assaulted and forced to pay 1.6 million kyats in Hassu Rata, Maungdaw South.

On Wednesday night, three government collaborators along with Hlun Htein personal knocked on the doors of Md Selim (s/o Md Amin) in Hampu para. When Selim’s wife said it was impossible to open the doors at such a late hour, one of the collaborators named Masha kicked down the door. He then began assaulting the woman and tore out her necklace.

Afterwards he took Selim out of the house and began brutally assaulting him, saying he had convinced the local populace to refuse the NVC scheme. When the wife came out and requested Masha to negotiate the incident, he replied the family must pay them five million kyats. Otherwise he threatened Selim would be taken to the camp from where he will never return.

However, the wife said there was no way they could gather such a large amount of money and instead offered a million kyats but Masha refused.

Later after intense negotiations it was agreed Selim would be released on payment of 1.6 million kyats which his wife agreed to pay the next day as they did not have the cash on them. Selim’s wife signed a document promising they owed Masha the stipulated sum.  

The other collaborators present during the operation included the infamous Saw Deya and Md Rafique.

Incidentally tensions have been prevailing in the area over the Rohingyas’ refusal to accept the NVC with many being arrested and assaulted.