Fears of renewed Tatmadaw operations in destroyed villages

March 14, 2017

Maungdaw – There has been renewed tensions in some of the destroyed village tracts of Maungdaw North as military boosted its presence in the checkpoints leading to the villages and threatened to launch raids. 

In Bura Shidha Para, Security forces did actually launch a sudden raid and looted goods from shops and residential houses. No one was arrested or physically assaulted however. 

In the early hours of Friday, Hlun Htein forces supported by Tatmadaw suddenly turned up in the area and launched a house by house search. They however failed to find anything illegal.

During this time, they took chickens from a Rohingya house. Later, they broke into a roadside shop and looted cash and goods.

The locals allege a gang of collaborators led by Abdul Kalam is working closely with the security forces to harass Rohingya civilians.

Incidentally Bura Shidha Para was one of the villages that was at the forefront of the recent Tatmadaw led crackdown. At one point, dead bodies piled up besides the village, while many were seen floating in the adjacent river.

Meanwhile military significantly boosted their presence around Ra Bai La, Sau Ra Gazi Bil, Sa Li Frang and Bor Gazi Bil area and said they were looking to enter the villages soon. Sau Ra Gazi Bil, Bor Gazi Bil, Ra Bai La and Sa Li Frang was destroyed by helicopter gunships and rocket launchers after protesters attacked army men who were raping Muslim women. At least 150 people including women and children died in these raids.

Since then, a large part of the populace had fled across the border, while those who stay behind are in anticipation of renewed violence. 

In Caab Bazar, Buthidaung, Tatmadaw forces shut down the main market on Saturday and prevented access for Rohingyas, raising fears an imminent military operation is in the offing.