Buthidaung: two extorted on terrorism allegations, night guards assaulted

March 16, 2017

Buthidaung- Security forces assaulted night guards in Buthidaung and extorted two men by threatening to press terror related charges against them.

In Hsin Dong, Md Sadeque was travelling in a bike along with a companion on Tuesday when police stopped him and threatened to press terror related charges against him. Sadeque was forced to pay 300,000 kyats.

In Hansama, police arrested Md Javed (s/o Anwar) from the Mono para hamlet with a small mobile phone on Wednesday. However, police later planted a smartphone and said he was using it to spread anti Myanmar propaganda in Muslim countries and encourage attacks on security forces. He later negotiated his release for the payment of 300,000 kyats.

In Quarter 5 of the town area, Hlun Htein forces beat up night guards whom they claim were sleeping on duty. Locals say the system of night guard is taking an enormous toll on them as it involves long hours, generally from 6pm to 6am. But even if they are following orders of village authorities and keeping guard at night, Hlun Htein turns up and assaults them on flimsy excuses.

Locals say the assault of night guards by Hlun Htein has become a regular incident in the area.

Village authorities take 5000 kyats from every household for the night guards, but the money does not reach those who are doing the duty.

Night guards are chosen from Rohingya households on a rotational basis.  Buthi terror