Fisherman assaulted amid blockade in Ashika Para

March 20, 2017

Maungdaw- A fisherman was assaulted and forced to pay 50,000 kyats by Hlun Htein in Ashika para, Maungdaw North.

Hlun Htein forces intercepted Basir as he was fishing in the river near the village on Tuesday. They said Basir or the other Muslims did not have permission to derive a living from the river as they were foreigners in this country and the land did not belong to them.

The Rohingya Muslims are regarded as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by the government and much of the country.

Activists have long alleged that Rohingyas have been prevented from going to the woods and waterways from where they derive a living in what is a systematic effort to derive them of a livelihood, create starvation, and thus force the population out. The practice was more common the southern townships where Rohingyas form a minority, but following the 2016 crackdown, similar measures have been enforced in most parts of Maungdaw. 

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