Kyan Taung men detained and tortured on 'terror' charges

March 22, 2017

Buthi terror 

Buthidaung- The Hlun Htein have made a number of arrests from Kyang Taung in Buthidaung and forced them to pay large amounts of money in exchange for their freedom.

On Friday, Ayub Khan was detained on terrorism related charges in Kyang Taung, Buthidaung. He was later released after his family paid a total of 800,000 kyats to Hlun Htein forces.

It was alleged that he and his family members based abroad were helping Muslim rebels in this country.

He was taken to the camp and threatened with dire consequences unless he paid 200,000 kyats.

The next day, Hlun Htein called him to the camp once more and said they had gathered strong evidence that Ayub’s family was financing rebels from abroad. He was then forced to pay 600,000 kyats. 

In the past few days, there have been increasing numbers of people extorted on terror related charges in the Kyang Taung area. 

Earlier, on March 14, at least 11 men were detained in the Kyan Taung camp. They were brought from the nearby Tin Meye neighbourhood.

During this operation conducted at around 3.30pm, four notorious collaborators named as Siraj, Rahmat, Ismail and Jashush were seen guiding the security forces.

Nine were later released after payment of a huge sum.

However, Nurul Amin and Abul Hashim could not come up with the payment of 2 million kyats. In response, the Hlun Htein alleged them to be rebels.

The two men were later shifted to Taung Bazar Hlun Htein camp where they were mercilessly tortured, according to local sources.

Rohingya prisoners are often severely tortured in custody, and hundreds have been killed in such circumstances since 2012.

Another man from Kyan Taung named as Hamid Ullah was also arrested and severely beaten up on the same day. He was later released.