Arrests in Kya Ri Prang for speaking to investigators

k parang

March 22, 2017

Maungdaw- A man was arrested from the now destroyed village tract of Kya Ri Prang, Maungdaw for speaking to government appointed investigators.

Md Hashim had described atrocities committed by the Tatmadaw during the crackdown in October 2016. On Friday, Tatmadaw forces intercepted him and took him to custody.

His whereabouts are not known since then. Family members fear he is being brutally tortured in custody.

Earlier on Thursday, joint forces detained some men but later released them after a huge fine.

Many who had earlier spoken to investigators have been hunted down, and at least one man from Nga Khura have been killed. Many have fled to Bangladesh after relating accounts of abuses to government appointed investigators and UN observers.

However independent analysts describe the government appointed investigation initiatives as a sham. UN officials have said the international body should sent in their own investigators to ensure credibility of any investigation process.

Kya Ri Prang was burned down in mid October last year and many of its inhabitants, including infant children have been killed or taken to unknown locations. Many Kya Ri Prang men are thought to be perishing in custody, while some of the women are thought to be serving as sex slaves.