Bulldozers in Kawa Bil: no return for displaced Rohingyas

March 29, 2017

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Maungdaw- Bulldozers have begun to flatten destroyed houses in the Wabeik hamlet in the Kawa Bil village tract of Maungdaw North.

The arrival of bulldozers at a sensitive time have given the impression the Tatmadaw is looking to destroy evidence before the arrival of international observers.

Kawa Bil was burned down by the Tatmadaw in mid October, shortly after the start of clearance operations. Dozens were killed and many more were raped in the village tract.

A walk through the now destroyed village tract makes it very clear that the Tatmadaw fired indiscriminately on civilian targets, not distinguishing between men, women and children. The hamlet of Wabeik was the worst hit in the violence.

Some sources have also said the destruction of the remnants of the houses will mean they will never be able to return to their abode. Many who had fled to Bangladesh in the aftermath of the violence had harboured the hopes of returning once the operations ended, but the bull dozing of houses will mean that is impossible.

There is also speculation that the bulldozers will move to Kya Ri Prang soon, another village that was destroyed.